Should I Turn My AC Off When I Go on Vacation?

Many families take their vacations during the summer. With the summer heat in full swing, you are faced with the prospect of running the AC the entire time you are away. Since a family vacation is often one or two weeks long, that expense can add up to a significant amount.

The Downside of Disabling Your AC

At Cota's Comfort Heating & Cooling in Seymour, TN, we highly recommend not turning your AC off. Your air conditioner also controls humidity that when left unchecked can warp wood, such as furniture, hardwood floors, and door frames. It can also set the stage for mold and cause musty odors. The heat itself can be problematic for certain possessions in the home, including some consumer electronics.

You Can Still Save While Away

The good news is that you can still save. Achieving a safe temperature and humidity level in your home doesn’t require the same level of cool people expect. In fact, the industry recommendation for vacationers is a mid-80s temperature setting, so there are some real savings to be had there. You may also want to consider a smart thermostat that can react accordingly as conditions change.

Reduce Strain on Your System

Avoid making your air conditioning system work any harder than it has to. Open all interior doors. Ensure that all register vents are open and unblocked. Draw all curtains and cover all other sources of natural light. Disable any electronics that are unnecessary but may generate excess ambient heat. Set your thermostat to return to normal a day before you return home.

Learn More About Efficient Air Conditioning

Cota's Comfort Heating & Cooling can help you save while you’re on vacation and throughout the year. In addition to a full range of heating and cooling services, we offer services dealing with indoor air quality, water heaters, automatic standby generators, and much more. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how we can help you.

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