Ductless HVAC Air Quality Have you always wanted to have air conditioning, but your home lacks the necessary ductwork? Are you looking to improve comfort in a room that’s too hot or too cold? If you own a home or business that requires supplemental heating or cooling needs, and you’re looking for an elegant solution, considering going ductless. While this technology has been around for a while, people are just starting to catch on to the numerous advantages of a ductless or mini-split system. At Cota's Comfort Heating & Cooling, it’s nothing new to us. We specialize in the most innovative comfort systems on the market today, and as a Lennox Authorized Dealer, provide our customers a higher quality range of options.

While every Lennox heating and cooling system takes comfort, efficiency, and reliability to new heights, the Toshiba Lennox Series Ductless unit is definitely one of the crown jewels. The Toshiba Corporation revolutionized the industry with the invention of the variable-speed inverter for ductless application. Combine that with Lennox’s bells and whistles, and this little heat pump delivers astounding 23 SEER, 10.0 HSPF, five-speed fan, sound down to 26 decibels, and a variable-speed compressor that provides enhanced summer dehumidification. You’ll enjoy year round, precise temperature control over your home or office space.

Ductless HVAC Experts in Seymour

Mini Split Heat Pump Ductless HVACCall Cota's Comfort Heating & Cooling for ductless air conditioner or heat pump installation, maintenance, or repair. Our team of factory trained professionals bring hands-on experience, industry expertise, complete product knowledge, and the utmost level of dedication to every job. We know what it takes to keep homes and businesses in Seymour and the surrounding areas comfortable, healthy, efficient, and enjoyable. We do that and more, ensuring your complete satisfaction. When you call us for the installation of a ductless mini-split, the rewards just keep coming. Some of the benefits of these modern alternative to forced air systems are:

No Major Renovations – All you need is a three-inch hole in an outside wall. There’s none of the mess involved with cutting holes in walls for ductwork.

No Sacrificing a Favorite Window – You’ll never need to give up a lovely view for the sake of a bulky window unit.

Better Aesthetics – Mounted high on the wall, these compact units integrate seamlessly into any design or space.

Quiet Operation – Ductless systems avoid the whooshing of forced air alternatives, and keep noise levels down to a quiet hum.

Cost Savings – Upgrading to a mini-split system offers a 20% to 30% potential savings off energy use each month.

Zone Conditioning – Ductless heat pumps allow you to target the areas you’d like to condition. When compared to whole-house heating and cooling, this offers greater flexibility.

One Unit – Combining heating and cooling into one unit provides greater convenience. You can easily switch from heating to cooling, to raise and lower the temperature of your living space very quickly.

Clean Air – Air purifying filters trap dust, pollen, germs, dander, spores, and odor-causing gases. The circulation of a healthy supply of clean air prevents aggravated symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Ease of Operation – With a handy remote, you can adjust comfort from anywhere in the room.

Compact – These units take up very little space, are sleek and attractive. When you contact Cota's Comfort Heating & Cooling for installation, count on a quick and mess-free project.

Financing – Through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, Cota's Comfort Heating & Cooling offers flexible financing options with approved credit to make the installation of your new system simple.